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How Onecart Works
What we do, merchants we serve, areas we cover, Terms of Service

Onecart allows local merchants the opportunity to market their products online, while letting customers get their shopping done fast by saving them the time and hassle of joining queues. We deliver your orders to addresses you specify and can make deliveries in as little as one hour. We may not be the direct wholesaler/retailer of all merchandise listed on our platform.

Steps to follow:

  1. Browse the products from a number of merchants, all in one place.
  2. Add items to your cart from as many shops as you wish.
  3. Register on our website at this point or before step 1.
  4. Specify a delivery address. You can have all your items delivered to one address or have different orders from different merchants delivered to different locations.
  5. Proceed to checkout.
  6. Enter your billing address if you haven’t done so already and select a payment option.
  7. Place your order.

All done!

We will contact you for confirmation and deliver all your orders in as little as one hour.

We serve many merchants in the Georgetown area and a few outside of Georgetown. Although we encourage partnerships, Onecart is an independent business and is not necessarily affiliated or sponsored by specific merchants mentioned on our platform. We do own and operate the delivery service that allows for prompt delivery of your orders. Please click here to see a list of merchants that we serve.

We currently offer delivery in the following areas:


Alexander Village
Bel Air
Bel Air Gardens
Bel Air Park
Bel Air Springs
Belvoir Court
D’aguiar Park
Guyhoc Gardens
Industrial Estate
La Penitence
Lamaha Gardens
Lamaha Park
Lamaha Springs
Meadow Bank
Meadow Brook Gardens
Nandy Park
New Haven
North Ruimveldt
Prashad Nagar
Section K Campbellville
South Ruimveldt Gardens
South Ruimveldt Park
Stevedore Housing Scheme
Thomas Lands

East Coast Demerara

Atlantic Ville
Atlantic Gardens
Courida Park
Cummings Lodge
Happy Acres

East Bank Demerara

Continental Park
Nandy Park
Republic Gardens
Republic Park

We begin delivery as early as 9AM and can run as late as 9PM from Monday to Saturday (except on holidays). On holidays, our delivery hours are subject to store holiday hours. We work on Sundays but only from 9AM to 2PM.

Our fastest delivery was just 10 minutes! Most Customers request to have their items delivered in one hour, and you can also schedule a delivery up to 7 days in advance. Just leave a delivery note on the checkout page before you place your order.

At Onecart we’re excited about building careers! For a chance to join our amazing team please look out for job offerings on public job boards like, in the press or on our Facebook page.

You can find our Terms of Service here.

If you find an incorrect image, price, or description on any item please report it by sending an email to

Our company constantly pursue opportunities to offer new merchants to our customers, and we welcome any chance to add more to our marketplace. If you wish to recommend a merchant to us please make contact by sending an email to or message us on Twitter or Facebook.

Not everyone will be supplied with information on any user of our Platform. Only Guyana law enforcement personnel will be supplied such information. Below are the terms for such requests.

Law Enforcement Requests

This section is intended for Guyana law enforcement personnel only and sets forth the guidelines that Onecart  applies when we receive requests from such personnel that seek records about our users. Information on this page may change from time to time and is intended for informational purposes only.  

If you are a Guyana law enforcement representative seeking information from Onecart, you can email us legal process at Onecart does not waive proper service. If you are not a Guyana law enforcement personnel, please do not send any email to this email address.    

Required Legal Process to Produce User Information and Form of Process

We require valid and sufficient legal process (e.g., valid search warrant, court order, or subpoena) before we can produce any documents or records about our users, including but not limited to user personal information, user transactions, or location information. In addition, we require a valid search warrant based on probable cause to produce the contents of user communications. You can email appropriate legal process to Our acceptance of legal process by email does not waive any legal objections we may have to the request.  

We review legal process for user information or records for validity and legal sufficiency. Please ensure that all legal processes are narrowly-tailored to a clearly specified and legitimate law enforcement purpose and are not overly broad or burdensome.  

Please also include the following information when submitting legal process:

  • The specific event or incident that you are investigating including the date(s) and location(s) involved.
  • All information you have that will allow us to specifically identify a user, including all known names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, order numbers.
  • The specific information that you are requesting and how that information relates to your investigation or case.
  • The requester’s information, including full name, title, department, agency, address, phone number, and official government email address.

We disclose data to law enforcement when we determine that we are required to do so by law.  In such cases, we will search for and disclose data that we are reasonably able to locate and produce. In some cases, Onecart may not have records responsive to your legal process.     

Emergency Requests

If you believe you have an emergency request, please email with the subject line “Emergency Law Enforcement Request.” In addition to the information above, please also provide specific information on the nature of the emergency and information on the connection between the emergency and the data requested. We consider emergency requests to be those that involve protecting a user or third party, or preventing illegal activity that presents an imminent threat of death or bodily injury.

We will only respond to emergency requests from Guyana law enforcement personnel. Non-law enforcement individuals who have knowledge or information about an emergency situation should contact the appropriate law enforcement agency or officials for assistance.

Notifying Individuals of Law Enforcement Requests

We reserve the ability to notify individuals about law enforcement requests for data related to them or their transactions at our discretion unless we are prohibited from doing so by an appropriate court order or other legal mechanism.

How to order, order status, order changes

Searching for all that you need is easy with Onecart!

Finding products using a desktop/laptop computer

Click on the Search icon on the top right corner

Input the product you wish to search for

Finding products using a mobile device

Tap on the menu icon in the top right corner

Input the product you wish to search for

Searching for products by Category

Hover over the Shop menu item to view all categories

Yes! you would need to establish a customer account to place an order. You can view all products on our marketplace and even add items to your cart but you would need to register on the platform before you can checkout.

Can’t find an item?

If you’re looking for an item and can’t find it on our website. The you can do the following:

  1. First, search for the desired item in your preferred store using the search box.
  2. If you don’t see it in the results, try searching by only one keyword (for example, search for “coffee” instead of “instant coffee”)
  3. If you still don’t see the item you want then please send an email to, requesting that we sell what you wish to purchase. You can mention a merchant you know that sells the item and is not on our marketplace.

Some items we are unable to sell on our marketplace and a you can review the full list here.

You can order any amount of items from as many merchants as you wish. Some Merchants may have a minimum order amount that you may have to order before they can process your order and this amount is usually small.

All items listed in our marketplace are eligible for delivery. Please keep in mind that there are some items we are not able to sell or deliver.

The items are:

  1. Gift cards
  2. Live animals, including feeder animals for pets
  3. Prescription Medication
  4. Rare items (postage stamps, art pieces, coins, etc.)
  5. Currency
  6. Bullion
  7. Dangerous items (weapons, explosives, certain chemicals, etc.)
  8. Illicit drugs (Marijuana, cocaine, etc.)
  9. Stolen goods
  10. Precious stones or metals
  11. Gold and Diamond jewelry

Please note that this list is subject to change without notice.

Occasionally, a product may be in stock when you place your order with Onecart, but sold out when the in-store team goes to select it. If this happens, we will either try to find the item at another store location of the same merchant, or indicate that the item is out of stock on our marketplace. In some cases this means part of your order may arrive later than the rest. If your item still can’t be found, we’ll let you know by email. You won’t be charged for items that are out of stock.

We allow customers to order from one or multiple merchants at one time. Customers will be able to specify a delivery address for individual orders from each merchant and this is done in the cart. During your online search, switch between merchants to locate and add items to your cart. In your cart, you will see items grouped by merchant. Adding items to your cart from multiple merchants will create a multiple delivery orders. Keep in mind that delivery fees and minimums are applicable on a per-delivery basis, and each merchant requires a separate delivery. After delivery, you can review the order details by merchant.

Onecart allows merchants to sell in wholesale quantities. If a Customer or merchant wishes to purchase in wholesale quantities they must first opt in to become a wholesale customer. This can be done in the user’s account page.

While shopping, view your cart by selecting the  icon on the website

In your cart you can specify where you want your order delivered.

NOTE: You must be a registered user (customer/merchant) before you can select or edit a shipping address. You can add as many shipping addresses as you like and you can enter all of them in your customer account dashboard. In your cart you can then specify different shipping address for orders you would have placed from several merchants.

You can also view your cart totals, adjust item quantities, and remove items as needed. When you’re done click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

If you prefer your bananas a little green, or want specific orders delivered at a specific date and time, you can add instructions at the bottom of the checkout page. Onecart will receive these instructions and pass them on to the relevant merchant.

We want to make sure all customers have access to the best possible selection from the stores on our marketplace. Customers will be able to order as much as they desire. Some merchants may have a minimum order that they require before they can process your order. Customers will be aware of the minimum order amount on the cart page.

On the checkout page you can select a predefined billing address form the selection box. The address(es) listed are the shipping address(es) you would have inputted before in your customer dashboard. You can also enter a different address as you billing address.

Next, select a payment option, check the box after you read our Terms and Conditions then finally select PLACE ORDER

You can only mage changes to your order before you checkout from our marketplace. Once you’ve submitted your order, it isn’t possible to edit the items in your delivery. You can always place a second order for any additional items you need, or cancel the order and place a new one.

To check on the status of an Order you have placed then go to your account dashboard and click on the ORDERS tab

When you place your first order with us we will confirm by contacting you via a telephone call. This is to ensure the validity of your order. You can then choose to cancel your order in that moment or just after.

After this, and whenever you order from our marketplace again, your order will be placed in a ‘Pending Payment’ status until you make a payment except if you selected to pay via Republic bank’s DPOS or cash on delivery (see payment options). In the ‘Pending Payment’ status you will be given 15mins to either make a payment or cancel your order.

After we confirm that you have made a payment then your order status will move to ‘Processing’. At this point you will not have the option to cancel an order. All orders that are in “Processing” status cannot be cancelled.

Alcohol and other controlled substances are not available from all merchants on Onecart. We cannot fulfill special requests or replacements for alcohol items. All customers ordering alcohol or other controlled substances on Onecart will be subjected to section 7 of our Terms and Conditions. When the order is delivered, a recipient of 21 years or older must be present to sign for the delivery and show proof of legal age with a valid photo ID, as well. No orders containing alcohol will be delivered to any visibly intoxicated persons. No alcohol will be left unattended. If these requirements are not met at delivery, the alcohol items will not be delivered and the customer will not be charged for the value of the alcohol, excluding any delivery fees or bottle deposit fees.

Item pricing, coupons, VAT and fees

All prices on Onecart are based on the prices set by the merchant. Most times the price the customer pays is the same as in the merchant’s store. merchants may issue in-store discounts and coupons and we honour these offers on Onecart’s marketplace. We may also offer coupons of our own from time to time.

Most items on Onecart have a specific weight. We use the weight of items, among other factors, to calculate the delivery cost. The weight of items from the deli, meat and seafood counters are determined by the label applied in-store to those items.

If you notice an item that you believe is priced incorrectly, please let us know and we will look into it as soon as possible. Please send an email to

If you have a coupon then you can apply it on your cart page. After the coupon has been entered, you will notice the adjustment in your cart total. All coupons may have specific limitations of how you can redeem the value.

VAT or Value Added Tax is already included on all products that require it on Onecart’s marketplace.

Each item has its own pricing. If the original item is replaced with a qualifying item, you will receive the qualifying item discount. If it is replaced with a non-qualifying item or refunded, or if the coupon requirements are otherwise no longer met, you will not receive a discount.

Payment options, returns, refunds and invoices

For orders, we currently use the following payment methods;

Republic Bank wireless Point-of-Sale (DPOS)

Through the Republic Bank’s Point-of-Sale service we can accept the Republic Bank Visa OneCard payments from customers upon the delivery of orders. Customers would need to have their Republic Bank’s OneCard on hand and with sufficient funds to cover both the cost for the order plus the delivery charges. There’s a transaction fee for using this method of payment but this fee is borne by Onecart.

GTT Mobile Money (MMG)

This payment option is widely used in Guyana and can function across both GTT and Digicel Networks. For GTT subscribers they have the options to either use our service directly on their mobile phones, via the mobile app or the GTT MMG Platform. Service charges will be borne by the customer as follows:

Transactions up to $500GYD: No Fees

Transactions between $501 – $2000GYD: $50

Transactions that are more than $2000 but up $400,000GYD: $100

Electronic Bank Transfer

This method of payment is reserved to everyone who performs Online Banking Transactions. Onecart will immediately provide banking information to customers after we can verify the legitimacy of their order. Customers will need to specify the Order number(s) and any other relevant information in the description field of the transaction form for us to verify the order(s) being paid for. Merchants may also choose to use this option to remit sales commission to Onecart. There are no transaction fees incurred when using this payment method.

Cash on Delivery (COD)

Customers will only be allowed to use this payment option if their order does not surpass $10,000 GYD.

Everytime you order and item(s) on Onecart you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your order. This email represents your order invoice. You can also see the details of your order(s) in your customer account page.

For now, you can send an email to indicating that you wish to return an item. You will need to indicate the order number, a picture of the item (if damaged or broken) and reason for the decision to return the item(s). Onecart will then forward this information to the merchant and proceed with the processing of your return.

Customers have two (2) options on how they can return an item.

Option #1 – Repack the item and Onecart will pickup and deliver it to the merchant.

Customers can utilize the original packing materials if it is not damaged when using this option. A return label indicating the customer name and address, telephone numberorder number, merchant  name, date of purchase and date of return must be affixed to the return package. There will be a return delivery fee for the use of this option and it may be the same fee as paid when the item was first delivered.

Option #2 – Repack the item and deliver it to Onecart’s office/warehouse

You can repack the item in its original packing material if it is not damaged. Customers will need to fill out a Returns Form at Onecart’s office/warehouse. There will be no return delivery fee for the use of this option if the merchant is located within the Georgetown area.

Option #3 – Repack the item and deliver it to the merchant

Merchants may indicate in their Terms and Conditions how they prefer to receive returns. We suggest that the item be repacked in its original packing material if it is not damaged, and affixed with a return label with the customer’s name and address, telephone numberorder number and date of purchase. Then the customer can  return the item to the merchant. After the item was returned, the customer can indicate via email to Onecart that the item was returned.

Refunds will be either handled by Onecart or directly by the merchant, depending on the option the customer chooses above. Please view the refund section to know how you will be refunded.

NOTE: Some items cannot be returned and you will find more about these under Section 9 of our Terms of Service. Some merchants may provide their own Return Policy, which is usually equivalent to Onecart’s.

If you have any missing products from or any issues with your order, please send an email immediately to to request a refund. In the email, please indicate the order number, a picture of the item (if damaged or broken) and reason for the request to refund. We recommend you do so ASAP since we cannot provide refunds or adjust charges on orders after four (4) business days from when the order was delivered. Onecart may issue a refund based on specific conditions under Section 9 of our Terms and Conditions. Any refunds applied to your order after delivery will show up in your order receipt.

Refunds are issued by Onecart either via GTT MMG service, a bank transfer or via a cashier’s cheque. Merchants may utilized different methods to issue refunds. Onecart may issue refunds directly to customers only if they choose either option #1 or #2 in the returns section.

Shopping on our marketplace is safe for anyone. We have a built-in SSL certificate that protects all users from hackers and fraudsters. We use industry coding standards to develop the marketplace and all our online payment options thus far are managed offsite.

Section 6 of  Onecart’s Terms of Service apply for any and all Onecart’s promotions.  In addition, the following additional terms apply with respect to the specific promotion and/or credit listed below. Offers cannot be combined unless otherwise indicated. The offer redeeming user may be responsible for paying any applicable sales tax related to the use of an offer; Onecart has no obligation for payment of any tax in conjunction with the distribution or use of any offer. Offer must be used when placing a order, but the offer may not be applied if all conditions are not met after fulfillment of any order applying the offer.

Terms for Merchant’s Free Delivery Offers

Merchants may offer free delivery and this is automatically applied when qualifying products are purchased through Onecart. Offer applies to delivery charges associated with an order of items from a single merchant location only. In order to take advantage of this offer, customers must have an account on Such offers are available for a limited time only and may be subject to certain restrictions. These offers are subject to change, cancellation, or expiration at any time. If you do not purchase the qualifying items added to your cart while the offer is still in effect, the offer will not apply. Offers apply only to qualifying items displaying the offer and may not be combined with other promotional offers. Offers are issued and paid by the merchant of the advertised product(s). The user may be required to pay any applicable sales tax related to use of the offer. Offers may not be sold, copied, modified, transferred, or used retroactively for prior purchase. An offer has no cash value. Offers good while supplies last. Void where restricted or prohibited by law.

FREE 30-day Trial of Onecart’s Marketplace Terms

Only new merchants of are eligible for a free 30-day trial of Onecart’s marketplace. During this period Onecart will seek to promote the merchant’s digital store on social media, television, radio and via print media for FREE. There is no obligation from the merchant to continue with Onecart marketplace after the 30-day trial is over. After the 30-day trial is over, merchants will be required to pay a service fee for selling on our platform. This fee can be viewed in our Marketplace Service Terms. Onecart will conduct all deliveries for the merchant during the trial period. Customers will be required to pay for delivery of item(s). Use of this promotion is subject to Onecart’s Terms of Service.

Terms for Free Delivery from Onecart

Offer valid on the first order made through Onecart of $10,000GYD or more. Offer expires after the first order is completed. Promotion is valid only for customers and merchants in the Georgetown area. In order to take advantage of this offer, customers must have an account on Offer cannot be used retroactively for prior purchase. Onecart reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer at any time. Only one offer per customer. Offer may not be sold, copied, modified, or transferred. Offer has no cash value. Void where restricted or prohibited by law.

Delivery zone, time, cost

Onecart currently utilizes two (2) methods for the delivery of items; via motorcycle and via motor car/van. Delivery costs are calculated based on the weight and dimensions of the item(s) and the distance to the customer’s delivery address.

Onecart can deliver your items in as little as one (1) hour. You can also specify a delivery date and time when you checkout.

As of this moment we do not offer delivery for the entire Guyana. We do have future plans to offer this service to all parts of the country. For a full list of current areas that we cover please click here.

Any customer can place orders from multiple merchants at one time. In the cart page they can specify where they want each order delivered. Onecart may not consolidate orders. If you have multiple delivery addresses then your orders may arrive at different times.

Currently, Onecart does not offer international shipping. However, this option is being pursued by our company and we will update you whenever this service is available.

Delivery cost may be as low as $200GYD. Special promotions will often be offered for free delivery.

All items listed in our Marketplace are eligible for delivery. Please keep in mind that there are some items we are not able to sell or deliver.

The items are:

  • Gift cards
  • Live animals, including feeder animals for pets
  • Prescription Medication
  • Rare items (postage stamps, art pieces, coins, etc.)
  • Currency
  • Bullion
  • Dangerous items (weapons, explosives, certain chemicals, etc.)
  • Illicit drugs (Marijuana, cocaine, etc.)
  • Stolen goods
  • Precious stones or metals
  • Gold and Diamond jewelry

Please note that this list is subject to change without notice.

Customer trust and safety is top priority at Onecart, so we have a number of measures in place to mitigate potential food safety risks.

  1. Our food safety training helps to prepare our delivery team on proper food handling and transport techniques.
  2. All our delivery Drivers/Riders that handle food are equipped with food handling certificates.
  3. We utilize special containers for the delivery of food items.
  4. Our Drivers use approved insulated bags or coolers ensures that temperature sensitive items are protected while in transit.

During delivery, our Driver/Rider will head to the address(es) you provided when placing the order. Upon arrival:

  1. Your delivery Driver/Rider will review any delivery instructions you may have provided provided.
  2. If the delivery Driver/Rider is unable to locate you or the consignee or is having difficulties reaching the delivery location, he will reach out via whatsapp chat message, text, or call.
  3. If our delivery Driver/Rider is still unable to complete the delivery, we will have no other choice but to cancel the order.

Tips for avoiding delivery issues

  1. Ensure you delivery address(es) are correct.
  2. You may add detailed delivery instructions when you place your order. If your order is active, you can reach out to your delivery Drive/Rider directly to share helpful information.
  3. Make sure your location is enabled on your mobile device.
  4. Make sure the phone number on your account is correct.
  5. Keep an eye out for calls from unknown numbers during your delivery window; our delivery Driver/Rider  may be trying to reach you.

Common causes of delivery issues:


Our delivery Drivers/Riders  may have difficulty parking in certain locations. We suggest sharing any helpful parking information in the delivery instructions when placing your order. If your order is live, you can send the delivery Driver/Rider a message.


If the delivery address is located inside a secure community or commercial building, our delivery Drivers/Riders may need to take extra steps to complete delivery. Please be sure to let security personnel know in advance that a Onecart delivery will be arriving. Leaving detailed information for our delivery staff when you checkout, or chatting with them directly is helpful.

Unable to receive delivery

If for any reason you’re unable to receive your delivery, please contact us immediately.

Please note: orders containing alcohol require the I.D. and signature from someone 21 or older.

Wrong address in order

It happens. If you’re entered the wrong delivery address in your cart, and a delivery Driver/Rider is already on the way, please contact us for assistance.

Become a Merchant
Merchant registration, account information, Terms of Service

Onecart allows a wide array of merchants to sell on our marketplace and this is tied into our vision “to market and delivery everything possible*. Keeping our consumers always satisfied.” We allow Agro processors, Manufacturers of products, Fast food vendors, Supermarkets, Cash crop farmers, Hardware stores, Electronic stores and many more sellers to become a merchant.

Hover your mouse cursor over the ACCOUNT tab in the menu bar and click on Log-in/Register. Click on Register and choose the “I AM A VENDOR” option. Then just fill in the relevant fields. Remember to read our Terms of Service carefully before you register to become a merchant with us.

You will then be taken to our marketplace multi-step wizard where you can insert relevant information about you business/company.

NOTE: you can skip the “Payment” section for now since we may utilize other methods to remit sales proceeds to you e.g. via GTT MMG service and cashier’s cheque.

After you fill out the necessary information, we will make contact with you via telephone and/or email to confirm your registration and to issue relevant training manuals for the use of your online store.

After you register to become a merchant you will be redirected to your merchant dashboard. You are free to browse and even begin to add products to your online store if you wish. However, we recommend that you await either a telephone call from us or an email before you commence with any product entry.

Yes! All merchants will be required to either pay a fixed monthly cost based on the amount of products they host on our marketplace or a monthly commission on sales, whichever is the higher value. The details of these fees can be viewed under Section 3 of our Marketplace Service Terms.

NOTE: All fees are waived during any trial period that Onecart may issue to merchants.

Some benefits for merchants are:

  1. Merchants will be able to reach more customers hence, enlarged customer base leads to increase in sales, and increase in revenue.
  2. Merchants can pre-inform customers on products, prices and deals before they shop in their digital store.
  3. If a merchant doesn’t want to sell on the platform then he/she has the option to utilize our catalogue-only feature, where there will be no ADD TO CART button for the products he/she sells. All other relevant information about the product(s) can be entered.
  4. Allow customers the ease of shopping from their homes or wherever they are located and have those items delivered to them.
  5. No need to invest heavily in developing an eCommerce website/app and hiring staff to manage and maintain it.
  6. Sell in Retail and in Wholesale quantities.
  7. Establish and manage coupons for products or group of products.
  8. Receive daily, weekly or monthly informative sales reports.
  9. Perform stock management.
  10. Merchants will be able to showcase any promotion on the platform through our Dynamic Web Advertisements.
  11. Become a part of a Merchant Community where merchants can purchase from other Merchants/Producers of various products.

Account Settings
Registering, resetting password, updating addresses

No! All customers would need to register to order anything on our marketplace. Anyone can view and add items to their cart but they would need to register in order to checkout.

Registration is easy. Simply hover your mouse cursor over the ACCOUNT tab in the menu bar and click on Log-in/Register. Click on Register and choose the “I AM A CUSTOMER” option. Then just fill in the relevant fields. Remember to read our Terms of Service carefully before you register to become a customer on Onecart.

After you register you will be redirected to your customer account dashboard. Here you can begin by adding as many shipping addresses as you wish e.g. your home, your office, your grandma’s house, etc. You can only have one billing address but you add multiple shipping addresses. To add a shipping address:

  1. Click on “ADDRESSES” tab.
  2. Click on “Edit Shipping Address(es)
  3. Scroll down and click on “Add another Shipping Address”
  4. When you’re done entering the fields, click on “SAVE ADDRESS(ES)”

NOTE: It would be helpful to you if you add a label to each of your Shipping Addresses. It will make it easy for you to select the addresses in your cart.

Resetting your password is simple:

  2. Enter your current and new passwords, confirm your new password and click on “SAVE CHANGES”

NOTE: you can also make changes to your email and other personal information if you wish.

Any unanswered questions? Contact Us